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[Daily Naeil] Workout in easy and fun

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Spring is full of sweet scent.

Many people plan outdoor activities or sports that have been put off for the winter.


But sudden exercise can hurt you. This is because the muscles that hardened during the winter were less relaxed.

Even so, we can't stop exercising. Using a variety of exercise equipment can help you to exercise. 

Even beginner golfers who have been waiting for the spring will be able to stand out on the field by practicing with various assistive devices.

1893703972_SdLQEmaB_c913ce5099bff7631d3c5f9473991f851ddbe58c.jpg'DIPDA LINE' by Redesign.

'Redesign' a medical device design company, developed 'Dipda Line', an indoor exercise equipment that allows you to dance and have fun while listening to music.

Breaking away from the existing boring and repetitive indoor exercise equipment is characterized by a more fun and fun exercise. 

In other words, it is a product that combines contents and equipment such as exercise video.

It was awarded the GOOD DESIGN Award in Korea for its excellence in contents.

Follow the videos provided by the app for 16 different movements and four strength exercises in four locations, including the thigh, hip and forearm.

Compared with the existing indoor exercise equipment, the weight is lighter and the volume is small, so you can enjoy the exercise easily anytime and anywhere without the restriction of time and space.

There is no noise between floors, which has become a problem recently.

Representative Yeo Tae-young said, "The results of clinical trials showed that the motions to improve health, such as flexibility and cardiopulmonary function, consumed 

calories equivalent to the amount of exercise when playing fast and playing tennis."

Reported by. Hyung-Soo Kim (hskim@naeil.com)

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